Pizza Oven Kits

pizza oven kits

Pizza oven kits are great backyard solution for great pizza and making a statement in your backyard space. Pizza ovens have been around for hundreds of years but new technologies has allowed advances in refractory concrete. That is why modular pizza oven kits are a unique option for outdoor pizza enthusiasts. 

Benefits of Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Kits

The benefits of pizza oven kit can outweighs not having a pizza oven (that's for sure). Plus, DIY pizza ovens are highly sought after for many reasons. Here are five benefits to outdoor pizza oven kits: 

  • Easy accessibility to your backyard
  • Half the cost of an assembled oven
  • Enjoy outdoor pizza 
  • Do-it yourself pizza oven
  • Design your oven your way

Accessibility - This means a pizza oven kit will allow may be moved piece by piece to get through tight places. Do you have a tight spot to go through? Not a problem, pizza oven kits totally solve this problem.

Save on Cost - The way you can save on cost is the effort it takes to install a pizza oven. It takes time. It takes planning. It takes smarts to lift a pizza oven. If you can do that, then you can save tremendously on cost. 

Make outdoor pizza - What is better than sharing great food with friends and family? Nothing. So many great memories can be made around a pizza oven kit. This is one of the biggest reasons I started a pizza oven business. 

DIY pizza oven - There is something so fulfilling by doing a DIY project by yourself, especially a DIY pizza oven project. The finished outer pizza oven possibilities are endless. You can finish your outdoor pizza oven with tile, brick, stucco, or just use our pizza oven kit outer shell. Most DIY projects just look but DIY pizza oven project can look good and taste good too! To anyone looking to do a pizza oven DIY project, it is do-able and you can do it! If you have any worries read my section below on overcoming fear of a DIY pizza oven project.   

Overcoming the Fear of a DIY Pizza Oven Project

Worried about finishing a DIY pizza oven? Let's walk through what it takes to get a pizza oven successfully installed in your backyard. 

Shipping - The first thing about shipping pizza ovens is they big they require which freight shipping. What is freight shipping? It is shipped to your driveway, on a pallet, and requires a signature to be delivered. If you are not home during deliver, or out of town the product cannot be shipped. The reason they can ship these large items if because it uses a special truck with a lift gate. The end of the truck and raise and lower large sized items, like a pizza oven kit. These kits are organized in a pallet box so a customer can move the pizza oven kit piece by piece to their desired backyard location. 

Moving the oven - Because the oven is delivered on a pallet, the oven can be moved in multiple pieces to be installed in your backyard. Moving an oven with strong hands can be done, but caution must be used and reading the warnings before installing states "may case bodily injury or even death." So please use caution. Each piece of our oven comes with inserted screws that allow you to pick up the oven from points on the floor and the dome. The heaviest piece is about 300 lbs. 

Installation Time - The time can be a concern if you are pressed to finish a pizza oven for an event. However, if you have time on your hand, you can make a stunning pizza oven in your backyard. For those who don't have time, dont stop reading. You will want to learn about this turn key pizza oven kit. 

Woodsman Pizza Oven Kit

This pizza oven kit come in at 27" in diameter for the inside of the oven. Uses 2" of refractory concrete for great heat retention and thermal mass. The signature piece this oven offers is the concrete outer shell using glass fiber reinforced concrete. This means this pizza oven kit was made for the outdoors. The benefit to the shell is it doesn't flatten your insulation and keeps it airy and fluffy. Air is one of the best insulators. The other great thing about this oven is if you need to move you can disassemble and reassemble the oven in a new space. So this pizza oven kit is not a permanent structure like most ovens.  

Craftsman DIY Pizza Oven Kit

If you love DIY projects and time is not an issue the Craftsman DIY Pizza Oven Kit is for you. Using the same dimensions as the Woodsman, this oven comes with all the necessary parts to finish your oven. The only thing not included is the materials to finish the outer dome of the pizza oven. 

Overview of DIY Pizza Oven Kits

So what have we learned? Pizza Oven Kits are modular and can be moved in pieces through small entrances. You can save lots of money with a pizza oven kit, it only requires more time to finish it. You can design the pizza ovens outer design your way or you can use a faster option with the Woodsman Pizza Oven Kit.