Outdoor Pizza Ovens

outdoor pizza ovens


This page is meant to educate yourself to understand more when buying an outdoor pizza oven for sale. So if you've come to learn more about backyard pizza ovens then you've come to the right place. Let's learn what your need to know about high-end pizza ovens so that you buy the best outdoor pizza oven possible.

What is an Outdoor Pizza Oven? 

Outdoor pizza ovens are smaller than commercial pizza ovens but are big enough make restaurant-quality pizza in your backyard. These ovens are a perfect fit in someone's backyard landscaping. They can be stand alone ovens, meaning they are put on a pizza oven stand or they can stand on an outdoor kitchen table. Outdoor pizza ovens can also be portable, which means the pizza oven stand has wheels to move around. The bigger the oven, the harder it will be to move the oven easily. Most ovens come in as wood burning pizza ovens or a gas pizza ovens. Let me take you on a quick tour of each component of the beloved outdoor pizza oven. 

The Components of an Outdoor Oven 

Outdoor ovens are not complicating. Wood is fuel, fires heat, oven holds heat. The key involves how the heat radiates from the fire, the convection heat from the oven shape, and the thermal heat from the refractory concrete. Let move on to learn more and appreciate the years of pizza oven technology, let's walk through all the seven components that make up high-quality pizza oven:

  • Size 
  • Shape
  • Heat Source
  • Refractory Materials
  • High-heat insulation
  • Venting
  • Installation

Understanding Outdoor Pizza Oven Sizes 

Bigger is not always better when it comes to pizza ovens. The thing you'll want to focus on the most is the cooking surface. The cooking surface gives you an idea how much cooking space you have inside the oven. When buying an oven you may see a number like this: 32" x 40". The width is 32 inches and the length is 40 inches. This gives your are good ball park of how much cooking space is in the oven. Usually, the width is a quick way to know an oven size. Another trick is to drill down even more get a better idea of the size of the oven. Since most ovens are round, you can use the area equation in square inches:

A = π r2

So a 32" x 40" oven is 804 square inches. When buying an oven these sizes come into play here. 

The Importance of Pizza Oven Shape 

The shape is ever so important. It means everything depending on what you are cooking inside your oven. The main two wood-fired pizza oven shapes are a domed shaped oven and a barrel shaped oven. Domed shapes come in a high dome and a low dome. The higher the dome the more versatile the oven is for cooking things like chicken or convert your oven into a grill. The lower the dome is more ideal for pizza. It keeps the heat in and focuses the heat in the cooking floor. The other pizza oven shape is the barrel which is use for more bread baking. 

Heat Sources For Wood Fired Cooking

What a joy it is to cook with fire. The human race has a real connection to food when cooking with fire. However, wood fire cooking isn't the only option with your pizza oven. You can convert your oven or buy gas pizza oven burner. Gas burners for pizza ovens are truly one of the amazing benefits to modern backyard cooking. Most pizza oven burners are natural gas but also come in propane. Gas is another great option to save time.

The Refractory Materials In Your Pizza Oven

I can't stress this enough, if you are buying an oven, look for a refractory pizza oven with a high alumni content. Having high alumina means the glue that keeps your oven together is less likely to deteriorate in high heat. If you are set on a refractory oven I wouldn't get anything less then 50% alumina content. If the oven is cured correctly, high alumina content ensures your oven will last for a very long time.  

One interesting thought about prefabricated refractory pizza ovens is how they have changed the outdoor pizza oven world. Refractory materials have become so advanced it is no wonder refractory ovens sell way more than brick ovens. 

Pizza Oven Insulation and How it Works

The insulation of a pizza oven is extremely important one. Insulation works to keep the heat inside the refractory. If you don't insulate the oven it doesn't work as good as it should. So pizza oven insulation ensures the oven heats up quickly and stores the heat for a longer period of time. The better the oven, doesn't mean the better the insulation. You could have great insulation but poor refractory. Keep in mind, effects the most is the heat up time and the cool off time of the oven. 

The Basics of Pizza Oven Venting 

When it comes to venting your pizza oven you will want to look for a chimney that has a large diameter. The smaller the diameter the likely hood that your oven will have less of a draw. Draw refers to the drawing out of air and smoke needed for a good fire. The more draw you get from your chimney the smoke comes out while the air comes in. So now that you know how venting works. 

Understanding How to Install an Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit? 

If you are the DIY type, then you may want to know how to install a pizza oven kit? What do I mean by a pizza oven kit? It means that you buy a pizza oven online and get it shipped to and you're the one who installs it in your backyard. It can be a bit of a DIY project but some pizza oven kits are easy to move around and don't require any masonry to build such as the woodsman pizza oven kit.  

Keep in mind, most DIY pizza oven kits will be delivered to you at a price and will take some time to install. 

Help with Your Outdoor Pizza Oven Plans

We've helped tons of customers find the best outdoor pizza oven plan for their unique backyard. We understand that buying a pizza oven takes time and planning. We want to help you with those plans, so please call us to make your pizza oven place a reality for your backyard space. Our number can be found on our contact us page.  

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