Stone Peak Ovens Now Offers Pizza Oven Burners

Pizza Oven Burner

Looking for a pizza oven burner? You've come to the right place.

In the last few months we've heard a recurring question from our fellow backyard pizza oven enthusiasts, "Does Stone Peak Ovens have a pizza oven burner option? After researching and eating pizza and eating even more pizza, we can now say, "We got pizza oven burners, baby!"

"Pizza oven burners are like the holy grail for backyard pizza ovens. You'll easily make more pizza, have more time, and focus more on cooking with a pizza oven burner." -Parker Donat, owner of Stone Peak Ovens 

What does this mean for you? This means you can convert any wood-fired oven into a gas pizza oven. [Pause for dramatic effect.] So if you bought an oven from Stone Peak Ovens or from someone else, you can convert your wood-fired pizza oven into gas wood-fired oven, no matter the diameter or size of your oven. This also means you can use natural gas or a propane too.

At Stone Peak Ovens we prefer natural gas because if the zombie apocalypse occurs, your can still use propane (Now that's what I call doomsday prepping!). You can ask for a conversion kit if it's too hard to decide. Another important detail is for smaller ovens you don't even need electricity to power your burner. But if you want a bigger oven (we all do), we have electric burners and they require electricity to be supplied to the oven burner.  

Benefits to Using a Pizza Oven Burner

Stone Peak Oven gas burners give you several advantages over wood-fire only ovens:

  • Allows you to burn gas or wood or do both at the same time.
  • Easy to start heating up the oven.
  • No need to clean the ashes or store wood.
  • Saves time to focus on the pizza.
  • Extremely convenient.
  • Runs quietly.
  • Easy to maintain high temperatures.
  • Very little maintenance required.

Those who want to take the hassle out of the wood-fire cooking and just use the burner. You can do that! If you want to use the burner just to heat up the oven without tending to a fire. You can do that! If you want to cook with fire one day and cook with a burner the next. You can do that! You will want a burner because it gives you another tool, another fuel source, and more versatility in your cooking. 

If you interested in learning more about our gas pizza oven burners check out our product page to learn more. 

How to Install the Pizza Oven Burner to an Existing Oven

First, you'll want to determine your floor thickness. For example, with our Woodsman Pizza Oven Kit, there is 2 1/2" of refractory concrete, 2" of insulation, and if you have our pizza oven stand we have 1 1/2" thick concrete base plate. All together that's 6 inches of material. 

Second, determine which burner you need. Since we know the floor thickness with the base place on our pizza oven is 6" we will get a 7" burner to fit our oven. 

Third, you will need to get a hole saw from at exactly 4 1/2". Home Depot usually has then in stock. You may also need a sawzall for thick floors. 

Fourth, determine the placement of the hole in your oven. Because the burner enters the oven dome though a hole in the floor you will want to determine hole position at the 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock position in your oven. Determine a 1" gap between the oven wall to the hole. After everything is installed the burner will be about 1/2" above the cooking floor surface. 

Fifth, drill a hole using the hole saw and or a sawzall, if needed. 

Sixth, install all the all the parts of the burner and drill in tap on screws to secure the burner to he concrete. Install, the controller to the front of the oven to see the flame and to make any heat adjustments. When everything is hooked up by a profession to your natural gas line, your ready to heat the oven. 


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  • Looking for the gas and wood burning oven … with the gas burner installed already.
    How much would this oven cost … delivered to California.

    Tim Peters

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