3 Reasons Why I Started a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Business

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Many of you may already know, making an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is a difficult venture. But like anything, if you work hard good things follow. In this post, I would like to show you why I started a wood-fired pizza oven business. It's not about money, which seems obvious but there is much more to it.

Let me begin with a little backstory first. My journey began after I had heart surgery (You can read more about the story here). Not to be too dramatic, but it changed my life and how I view things. During my heart recovery, I became interested in wood-fired ovens and wanted to buy one. However, I felt it was just too difficult to buy a pizza oven. It was difficult to justify the price without a deep understanding how everything worked. I had so many questions. It was a lot to take in about materials that I knew nothing about. It so happened my father-in-law who has 45 years of precast concrete experience, was able to help me build my first outdoor pizza oven. We build the first oven thinking it would be a one-and-done project. Low and behold, it was extremely fulfilling to solve my problem personally (and delicious) I knew it would be a valuable solution for others who have a passion for outdoor cooking. 

Let's get into it, shall we?

The first reason I started a pizza oven company is because I have a firm belief the world needs more exceptional wood-fired cooking experiences for backyard cooks. I've found wood-fire cooking to be beneficial and even therapeutic. Those who cook with fire will all tell you there is a connection to cooking with fire. Best of all, one of the great benefits to wood-fired cooking is that it brings family and friends together. We live in a world where people stare at screens and by getting outside, detaching from our screens, and eating a great meal with loved ones seemed like a noteworthy pursuit personally and for a business. And in my humble opinion, pizza ovens are the best way to bring all these important beliefs I have together into one. 

The second reason I started this company is I believe a quality pizza oven doesn't have to be from a particular part of the world. Meaning, I believe a quality pizza oven materials doesn't have to be from Italy. It's true pizza originated in Italy and I have the upmost respect for the culture, traditions, and pizza but quality ovens don't have to come from Italy. Have any of you seen Ugly Delicious on Netflix? In the first episode, they debate the meaning of "authentic" Italian pizza. For pizza to be considered "authentic", it has to be made with Italian ingredients. It's true, Italians make wonderful pizza. What I have learned is that great pizza can be made with local ingredients. The same goes for pizza ovens. Using the materials around me in Utah , I believe we can make amazing outdoor pizza ovens. 

The third reason I started this business is I believe that traditional wood-fired pizza oven cooking still has many innovations yet to come. There are new and innovative materials being made all the time. In my opinion, pizza ovens have many materials and innovations that can be utilized that can change the way we cook, change the way we think about pizza ovens, and make our cooking experiences better. I look froward to pursuing this venture with pushing the limits of innovation.  

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts about starting Stone Peak Ovens. I have had wonderful experiences and hope to have many to come. If you have any questions or thoughts, please let me know in the comments section below. (Shameless plug) If you are looking for a quality pizza oven, take a look at the Woodsman pizza oven kit



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  • I grow up making pizza from the oven at the restaurant I used to to work at while I was still at school. I am now would like to start my own pizza business (fire wood pizza business)


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